The Ministry of Silly Encounters, Part 1

Posted by Christopher Korczak on

Sometimes your Dungeons and Dragons campaign needs a little bit of silly in it. Or, maybe you just need some inspiration presented in a silly way. At any rate, here are some ideas that can get the lips curled upward, and maybe the brain cookin'. 

Special thanks to Jerry Milo Johnson, who birthed these ideas out of his own brain. 

What follows is a list of silly encounters and situations. Use them as you see fit or for whatever inspiration or time management you need in your campaign. Expanded imaginatively, whole backstories and story arcs could be crafted out of these one liners. 

  1. The party sees a large cavalry group, unarmed, unclothed, riding bareback and embarrassed coming over a hill.
  2. "Why is the hot mustard jar empty?" the chef asks after all the plates have been served to the royal party.
  3. "Never give a long sword to a sharpener apprentice with OCD" the heavily armored man says to the party while holding his new "dirk"
  4. Entering the tavern, the party wonders, "Who made a dwarf a beer brewing contest judge?"
  5. A thief is going around the market, reverse pick pocketing specific things into specific pockets. It's his punishment for working without thieves' guild permission.
  6. Everyone on the frozen lake is dumber than the last. They keep handing you tankards, saying "hold my beer" before falling into the lake.
  7. The new blacksmith in town doesn't really know his job. He's going broke buying boots from the cobbler to shoe the horses.
  8. Armory clerk in castle keeps throwing out swords. Just the left handed ones.
  9. At the big convention of wizards, no one ordered ink or paper.
  10. Everyone in town is wearing some sort of metal pot on their head.
  11. A dragon lands outside of town and is handing out treasure maps. She says she was lonely and bored in her mountain lair.
  12. You notice that the paper in the privy are parts of magical spells formulas. Who's going swimming?

Happy gaming!

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